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Feathered Destiny

Sales & Business Development Coaching

Sales & Business Development Coaching

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Welcome to the next level of your sales and business development journey!

Are you a Sales or Business Development Professional, or Business Owner wanting to take your prosperity and abundance to the next level? Are you ready to shift to a higher frequency and perspective for the highest good of your business, and humanity as a whole? 

As a Sales and Business Development professional with over 15 years experience, my intuitive perspective is that we are now shifting into higher frequencies that will continue to transform how humanity conducts business and energetic exchanges. This energetic shift is a necessary aspect of humanity's ascension process. I am very passionate about this as many business practices and teachings are currently entrenched in very low frequency, lack, and fear perspectives. Exciting times we are in!

During each 1 hr. session (minimum of 2 sessions) it is my divinely inspired intention to help you:

  • Embody a higher frequency and perspective related to conducting business, sales, and business development 
  • Identify and clear any energetic blocks preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Successfully build your business, conduct business, and sell your solutions/services, products etc. for the highest good of all involved, from a heart-centered space. 

If this offering resonates with you please schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me here.

Looking forward to connecting with you Beautiful Soul! 



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