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Feathered Destiny

Dragonfly Transformation - 8 Week Journey

Dragonfly Transformation - 8 Week Journey

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Welcome to the next level of your transformative journey!

All over the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes transformation, change, rebirth, upliftment, happiness, adaptability (perfect energy for these times!), prosperity, and self-realization. The spirit of the Dragonfly is exactly what this journey is all about! This offering includes 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions, 1 hr. per week, and has been Divinely designed to help you:

  • Identify with clarity, your Heart & Soul's true desires/goals
  • Build a solid foundation/daily spiritual practice that works for YOU 
  • Uncover and clear energetic blocks preventing your desired expansion
  • Embody emotional intelligence
  • Shine Light on limiting belief systems/programs, and create Soul-Aligned  thoughts/behavior patterns 
  • Reclaim and remember your innate manifesting power
  • Learn to connect with, and trust your inner guidance
  • Apply the lessons of this journey to your everyday life in practical ways
  • Health and wellness practices that work for YOU
  • Spread your wings and fly!! 

Sessions may also include accessing Intuitive Guidance for your specific healing and empowerment as needed, and the use of Energy Healing to help bring energetic balance and empowerment to your life journey. 

Please schedule a free 20-minute consultation here to confirm this journey is right for you.

Looking forward to connecting with you Beautiful Soul! 



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