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Feathered Destiny

Clear & Fly Bundle

Clear & Fly Bundle

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Welcome Beautiful Soul to the next level of your journey! 

This Dragon Energy clearing and remembrance package is designed for those who are ready to clear and heal what is no longer serving your highest good, and enable you to spread your wings and fly! 

Our Human experience is filled with many Soul lessons and for many of us in this lifetime this includes remembering how to take full responsibility for our energy and our reality.  This is a Divine journey of remembering how to take your power back, and taking full personal ownership for your energy and reality going forward! 

For those who are called to this Divine Service you will receive a total of 3, 1 hour, 1:1 remote Zoom sessions with me and includes the following services: 

  • Land and home energy clearing session (this is completed remotely prior to your personal energy clearing session with your full permission) 
  • 1:1 Personal energy clearing session 
  • 1:1 remembrance session focused on energetic hygiene practices including clearing, shielding, and grounding your energy, and identify what is serving you vs. no longer serving you 
  • 1:1 remembrance session focused on how to become a conscious creator of your own reality and reclaiming your sovereignty

Prior to purchasing this package, please book a free 20-minute consultation here:

Looking forward to connecting with you, and may your journey henceforth be filled with ease, grace, abundance and joy! 



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