Introducing Feathered Destiny Healing & Coaching!

Introducing Feathered Destiny Healing & Coaching!

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for stopping by Feathered Destiny! My name is Stephanie and I'm so excited, honored, and grateful to finally share my journey and gifts from Creator and my Soul with you. This site has been MANY years in the making and has come to fruition in perfect divine timing! 

First and foremost, thank you for being here during such a transformational, epic time in our human history! It takes a lot of courage to be here, awakening at this time, especially as a sensitive Soul. So please take a moment to thank yourself for all the wonderful work you've done so far! You are a true miracle! 

A bit about me...

I've been on my spiritual journey ever since I was a little girl in search of my own Truth. While my own journey to get to this point has been far from easy, I know that it was all for my highest good in preparation for my Soul's mission and service. And I didn't do it alone, I'm so grateful for all the Earth Angels and Guides that my Soul and Creator sent my way to assist me along my path. Over the years, I have developed a deep connection and love for the Elementals, Dragons, Angels, Birds, our beautiful Mother Gaia, the animal kingdom, all plant/tree life, Galactic Astrology, Galactic ancestry/Akashic records, Numerology, and studying the skies/celestial bodies above. Our reality is so magical and beautiful when you take the time to connect with your heart...Creator is within and everywhere, always communicating! 

Prior to the creation of Feathered Destiny, I knew deep down for many years that my mission from the Creator of my Soul/Spirit in this lifetime was to heal myself, Mother Gaia, my ancestral lineage, and help others to do the same. As an inherent systems buster, intuitive, coach, and energy healer I'm passionate about helping my fellow Brothers and Sisters break free and heal themselves from the dense, dark programming and low frequency energies that have run rampant in our reality for thousands of help you remember your innate ability and power to create a reality of your dreams. To help you spread your wings and fly! 

All of my life I've known there was so much more to our human existence than just surviving, and that humanity was always meant to live in joy, peace, prosperity and in harmony with ALL. The wonderful news is that humanity IS rising and the consciousness IS shifting rapidly, no matter how seemingly chaotic things look in the outside world. What's so beautiful about this divinely orchestrated ascension process is that in healing ourselves, breaking down old programs/systems, and raising our frequency this helps to heal Mother Gaia, and the colIective consciousness of humanity as a whole! Trust me when I say, it has an immense positive ripple effect! 

Lastly, it's important to me that you know about my process...

To ensure that I provide the highest level of service and highest integrity in service to Creator, Mother Gaia, and my clients my daily non-negotiable spiritual hygiene practice includes cleansing, shielding, and grounding my energy. Additionally, my space is cleared daily including before, and after sessions. I also ensure each time, prior to connecting to your Soul/Higher Self/Higher Aspects and Creator that my connection is clear, secure, and incorruptible...that nothing but the Highest Order of Divine Light and Love can come through every moment of every day, in every session. 

Thank you Beautiful Soul for stopping by this space. I look forward to connecting with you soon in Divine Service. Let's fly!  

With love and gratitude, 


Stephanie @ Feathered Destiny 



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